karen photo Karen Eskew-Wyllie founded the choir in 1993. She owns the bells, selects the music, trains the ringers and books the concerts. She is also a surgical nurse. sherilee photo Sherilee Alford
Member for 7 years.
Homemaker BYU graduate. Mother of Suzanne.
linda photo Whitney Anderson
New member
Teacher at Mapleton Elementary. Loves traveling, reading, and Mexican food.

no photo Tara Buck
Member for 1 year.
Mother of four. Pianist, painter and avid gardener.
abby photo Abby Bunn
Member for 7 years.
Mother of four.
Also plays tuba and steel drums.

Kirby Cook
Member for 3 year
Full time mother of two. Percussionist. Dixie State graduate - Computer Information Technology.

linda photo Linda Chahal
Member for 23 years.
Programmer at BYU.
no photo Amy Fussell
Member for three years.
Full-time mother of two.
linda photo Farrah Jensen
New member.
Full-time mother of 4.

no photo Nicole Lopez
Member for 2 years. BYU graduate and a newlywed. Works at Revere Health.
linda photo Kami Nelson
Member for 3 years.
Full-time mother of two. Graduated from BYU in print journalism. Loves to read, write, and attempts to sew. Also plays piano and soprano recorder.
nicole photo Nicole Robbins
Member for 13 years. Full-time mother of two. Also plays flute.

suzanne photo Suzanne Sawyer
Member for 14 years. Mother of four and speech pathologist.
linda photo Rachel Taylor
New member.
Full time mother of one. Also plays flute and piano
lissa  photo Lissa Wall
Member for two years.
Utah State University graduate. HR specialist.